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Electrical Services

Problems with your electrical system, can easily be a major cause for safety hazards. Even the smallest problems with electrical system can leave unsafe situations and you may be liable for any injuries that occur on your property.

We offer quality and guarantee in all our electrical services with affordable prices. We also offer repairs and maintenance. commercial and residential services.

Rough Electrical

·         Electrical set up and Re-wiring

·         Upgrading the main panel

·         Electric Vehicle Charging Station

·         Electrical Panels

·         Circuit brakers

·         Electrical Sub Panel

·         Security Cameras

·         Landscape lighting

Finish Electrical

·         Outlets / GFI Outlet]

·         Ceiling Fan 

·         Recessed Lighting 

·         Smoke Detectors / Carbon Monoxide

·         Surge Protectors 

·         Lighting Fixture

·         Motion Sensors

·         Ring Doorbells

·         Dimmers


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Office: (747)233-2332

Cell: (747)208-8918

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