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About us


LA Handyman is your one-call solution for a wide range of home maintenance and repair needs. 

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Our Story

LA Handyman technicians are highly skilled craftsmen with an average of 10 years’ experience in the trades. We’re home repair and improvement experts, and we are known for the quality of our workmanship and professional reliability so you know the job will be done correctly and efficiently.


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Handyman Services

A handyman is a skilled man (or woman) who can perform various tasks around the house that don’t necessarily require a license. Anything around the house that just needs a small tweak or repair is the perfect type of task for a handyman near you. 

Why hire a handyman?

Everyone has different skillsets, and some of us are better off not trying to fix things around the house… and some of us just can’t be bothered. Either way, Taskers are happy to help provide all sorts of handyman services to help you keep your house in good order. 

A handyman is the perfect person to call for a quick fix, like a clogged drain, fixing a hole in the wall, or putting together some shelving. The nature of tasks that a handyman performs are generally not dangerous or emergency home repairs--those are things that generally require a licensed specialist.

Many Taskers have multiple licenses that enable them to perform handyman services as well as more specialized services. Llicensing requirements vary depending on where you live, but your local Taskers should be able to tell you if they are qualified to help with your project.

And Why hire  US?

Many homeowners will say that it is hard to find a reliable, professional home repair person. With more locations across the LA, you can trust your local LAhandyman team of home improvement professionals to care for your home. There are many reasons why calling your local  LAHandyman is the best choice for when anything needs to be done at your home.

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